Manu is the founder of LexSolutions. Manu is a business-focused commercial/corporate lawyer.  In fact, he now delivers more strategic solutions than pure legal work.

His vision for LexSolutions comes from his desire to add value and drive business alignment.  Everything comes from understanding the business’ objectives and challenges and working back from there – to deliver real value.

He worked at Yahoo for 10 years, leading all corporate and commercial legal matters for EMEA and was then Chief Legal Officer for Powa Technologies. He’s a tech GC, with start-up and global company experience.

Manu is GC for Magine TV, helping them monetise and scale.  He continues to lead, support and promote the vision and team at LexSolutions.

He has great experience in corporate strategy, M&A, funding rounds, commercial contracts, monetisation, tax modelling, IP strategies.

A lot of his work is around alignment, ensuring that companies he helps have the structure and foundations they need to meet their objectives.