Many of us have seen how the culture of a team or a business can either facilitate its success or herald its failure - impacting the individuals’ wellbeing in the process. A legal team’s culture – and the operating framework underlying it – can be energising, collaborative and fun, or draining, competitive and fearful. We’ll help you work towards the best possible outcome.

Now is the time to invest in creating a positive culture for your in-house legal team which puts your people first.

Our organisational coaching programmes ensures that you design, deliver and maintain a culture that sets you apart.

We are business leaders who are trained in innovation techniques and relationship systems coaching and work with in-house legal teams to foster a collaborative, enthusiastic and positive culture.

We can help General Counsels grow an engaged, happy and high-performing in-house team who deliver to their true potential, find work meaningful all of which will strengthen your competitive advantage.

We’d love to talk about how we work with in-house legal teams like yours to access, understand and optimise for high performance and optimal culture.

What others are saying...

“Manu is a smart professional who knows the digital sector well and can advise particularly on transatlantic issues. He’s friendly and accessible and we’ve enjoyed working with him. Highly recommended.”

Managing Partner, Atlantic Leap

“Managing a small (but senior) legal team covering EMEA, we wanted to review how we could improve our service offering to the group further, whilst also addressing legal team expectations and growth. Manu’s in-house experience together with his personable approach helped bring to light and focus key issues which we were then able to address for a better result than we had originally expected. My discussions with him were also a welcome learning experience for me as GC. Strongly recommended and a pleasure to work with.”

General Counsel NEC