Law firms

Legal services continues to be one of the most important industries and is growing year on year. From law firms to alternative legal services providers to legal management consultancies, we partner with leading businesses across the marketplace on business, innovation and culture.

We draw upon our pool of experienced lawyers, legal operations experts and project managers to provide you with additional legal resource when you need it – for your law firm or your clients.

We help optimise your processes, design and deliver your innovation strategy and help you choose and implement technology.

For smaller law firms and legal services businesses, we are increasingly asked to partner with them to provide innovation as a managed service.

We deliver powerful coaching programmes for law firm leaders, their management and other teams across the business to help develop a positive and intentional culture.

We’re passionate about change and progress in the legal services industry and partner with clients to ensure they are ahead of the curve when it comes to their legal resources, their strategy, operations and innovation and their culture.

What others are saying...

“My only wish is that I’d met Manu earlier… What became immediately clear was how well Manu grasped, not just our business and the industry, but the overall commerciality and objectives of the task at hand. Add into the equation that he’s incredibly professional, efficient and a thoroughly nice guy.”

Founder CEO, Peg

“Manu is a smart professional who knows the digital sector well and can advise particularly on transatlantic issues. He’s friendly and accessible and we’ve enjoyed working with him. Highly recommended.”

Managing Partner, Atlantic Leap