DNA Diagnostic for law firms

Does the reality of your people match the public image you portray? It's time to stop box ticking and recognise, empower and leverage human capital in your law firm.

The time for change is now.

There is a pressing need in the legal industry to recognise, empower and leverage human capital.

This means going beyond ESG box ticking and evaluating culture, wellbeing and health in a holistic way.

It’s why we are launching the DNA Diagnostic with the Maturity Institute. So firms can see where they are really at.

  • DNA Diagnostic has been based around the OMINDEX®, a methodology that has been tested across academia, investment professionals and corporates over seven years
  • It’s a full health check that captures and measures all value and risk elements arising from human stakeholders
  • It is for firms who want to become mature institutions, businesses that put stakeholders at the heart of all they do and connect purpose and performance
  • It will show the reality of your people versus the public image you portray to clients and the market

What can you expect if you collaborate with us on our DNA Diagnostic?

Our packages for law firms include a mix of workshops, internal surveys, reports, analysis and recommendations.

We can build in leadership interviews and targeted reports to cover areas such as retention, well-being and burn out.

It’s your people who create financial value and ESG impact. So it’s time to find out what they really think and feel and act on these insights.

Maybe you are in HR, CSR, Innovation or you are a senior partner driving change. We are looking for the boldest of culture champions to work with on our DNA Diagnostic to set a new culture in the legal industry.

Will you join the movement?

Take part in our survey. This is entirely confidential and will give us the data we need to start building a picture of where we are in legal - and what we need to change.