Denis Potekmin

Head of Innovation

In a nutshell

Closes contracts quickly and efficiently.

Shapes and negotiates commercial deals. Optimises contracts and contract processes.

Gets value from intellectual property.

Innovation projects and IP transactions are a focus.

Meets legal resourcing challenges.

Delivers senior level in-house legal support, projects, strategic programmes and overflow support.

Makes legal operations more effective.

Develops and designs legal tools, processes and strategy. Optimises legal operations.

Style and approach

Creative, practical problem-solver, simplifier, challenger mindset, believer in positive change.

Passionate about innovation and delivering next generation legal services.

Tell me more

20+ years in law firms and Global250 companies in London and Milan.

Legal consultant and tech entrepreneur, helping businesses agree faster, manage risk and reduce cost.

Previously, EMEA legal director at a global home appliance manufacturer, responsible for procurement, collaborations and product regulation.

Expert in technology, procurement, IP transactions, business transformation, contract design and contract process improvement.

Clients say...

Denis is a breath of fresh air when it comes to commercial contracts. Not only is he clearly very experienced and professional, he is also great to work with, making business law much more accessible and enjoyable. Denis has helped us manage the contracting process with some of the world’s biggest brands, and develop our own simple contracts via his alternative approach. He really does manage to make difficult legal stuff easier.

Stuart Whinney, Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Manufacture 2030

Denis Potekmin