Stefan de Jonghe

Legal Consultant

In a nutshell

Writes simple contracts to deal with complex situations.

Extensive experience in the field of distribution, procurement and mergers and acquisitions.

Broad international experience.

Manages cross-border agreements and can work in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

Manages legal risk and fosters a culture of compliance.

Designs and implements legal risk management systems. Assesses the legal risks of the business and provides effective tools, including protocols, training, contracts and audits.

Management of legal operations.

Excellent people manager, coach and mentor. Optimises legal spend and legal planning processes.

Style and approach

Down to earth, simplifier, good at translating complex legal concepts in everyday language.

Optimist, team player, motivator.

Tell me more

25+ years in an international law firm and in global 250 companies in Brussels and Milan.

Legal consultant mainly working on International and cross-border deals.

Previously Global Legal Director Transactions and EMEA Director of Institutional Affairs at a global home appliance manufacturer.

Expert in contracts, competition law and compliance.

Clients say...

Stefan De Jonghe is a powerful attorney, with keen knowledge of the law and business practice. He has broad global experience and is highly effective in making complex legal matters simple and understandable. He is also a highly efficient and trusted advisor and resolves matters quickly based on the legal and business needs of the situation. Stefan has a wonderful sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with as a colleague or client.

Stefan de Jonghe