We work with the leaders of small businesses, their leadership teams and whole organisations on powerful coaching programmes.

When it comes to small businesses, many of us have seen how a positive culture can facilitate success, or indeed how the reverse can herald its failure - impacting the individuals’ well-being in the process.

Our organisational coaching programmes ensure that you develop the strategy and culture that you actually want for your SME business.

We’ll optimise your team for happiness: improving engagement and performance and ensuring your team is fully aligned, collaborative and productive. Identifying and fixing any challenges to optimise the team’s overall health.

We also work with C-Suite and leadership teams on powerful 1:1 programmes to help them develop the tools and strategies to be the best leaders they can be.

There's never been a more important time to invest in your people or yourself - it's the smartest business decision you can make.

What others are saying...

“Lex solutions allow us to seamlessly add scale and value to our in-house team as needed and very cost-effectively. The real advantage is that for commercial legal work we can use them to deliver relevant and focused end-to-end solutions to the business. They work directly with non-legal colleagues to understand our processes and embed solutions that we can operate. In our view law firms are not competitive for this work in either offering or price. Lex Solutions are an extension, not just of our legal team, but our multi-disciplinary project groups.”

General Counsel, Centaur Media

“Manu is a smart professional who knows the digital sector well and can advise particularly on transatlantic issues. He’s friendly and accessible and we’ve enjoyed working with him. Highly recommended.”

Managing Partner, Atlantic Leap