Whether as part of another solution or standalone to help you out in the short term, we can provide interim legal support via secondees working at your offices, providing immediate day to day support.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our secondees (LexSecondees!) aren’t the average legal support available. They take a keen and proactive interest in your business and your legal team’s objectives.

They are commercially driven individuals, who will help with the day to day legal operations, but also be constantly thinking about where and how to drive more value for your business and/or improve efficiency for your department through legal strategy.

  • Do you need help with general overflow work?
  • Do you need time and space to help you think more creatively and strategically?
  • Do you need help to identify areas that could benefit from legal process outsourcing?
  • Do you need help to manage that process and the quality that comes back?

Our highly skilled legal counsel, business lawyers and legal consultants are well-equipped and really keen to help.


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