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LexSolutions is a legal consultancy, providing legal support (on and off-site) and innovative solutions to law firms, in-house legal teams and growing businesses without a legal team. We have an exceptional team of lawyers, legal strategists and project managers – keen to help you unlock real value from your legal teams. 

Whether you’re a business without a legal function, a sole counsel or a mature legal function, we have tried and tested processes and solutions to positively impact your business.

What We Do

LexSolutions’ team are highly experienced lawyers, general counsel and legal project managers.  Together, they have developed unique programmes that truly align the legal function to the business and help deliver on company objectives.

Our team have all worked in legal functions and understand the impact of business imperatives and the value of legal operations, allowing them to deliver advice and solutions which are far more engaging and valuable than you may have previously experienced.  We are here to deliver real value and business impact.



Do you need individuals or teams embedded on-site or otherwise operating remotely, as an extension of yours? Do you need cover for an event, ongoing support or a crack team put together for a specific project?

LexSolutions can help you with interim cover internally, remote managed services or bespoke designed solutions. Our team of lawyers, paralegals, project managers, design experts and legal engineers can provide flexible and modular support to help drive real efficiency and meaningful value for your business.



Often, it’s by stepping out of our day to day and using proven techniques that we can review, analyse and plan effectively to create a roadmap lit up with powerful lightbulb moments. Do you want to use tried and tested business tools and expertise to help explore a specific objective or review the legal team’s DNA more holistically? We have worked with our design and process experts to develop proprietary themed workshops and programmes around Efficiency, Value, Culture, Alignment and Innovation.

Whether you want to look at these topics or use the modules to design something bespoke for you, we’d love to help. Our design thinking programmes have been developed to help you articulate a compelling plan, which you will intuitively know from the outset will work. And we wouldn’t want to just leave you with a strategy. We’re with you for the long term, helping you implement and optimise your way to success.



A lot of our conversations start around LegalTech. Some of our customers know they need to develop or refresh their contract management system, implement more control and efficiency over their billing, review appropriate tools to drive collaboration and knowledge sharing. Some are looking for meaningful tech to solve a particular problem/project. Others just want to know what’s out there and ensure they are maximising their potential using appropriate tools.

Either way, we’d work with you to ensure that you and we all fully understand your challenges and requirements, the business objectives, legal team’s needs, other stakeholders’ requirements, appropriate budgets as well as other relevant context and data. This inevitably takes us (at least to some extent) back to the Process. Then we can help design and implement the appropriate tech solution that suits – with a far greater probability of user adoption, business success and team happiness!



Sometimes we can drive meaningful innovation by the simplest solutions from a quick review or collaborative workshop. Sometimes we need to all need to spend more time and dedicated resource to explore deeper, taking design thinking and production to its full potential – iterating, prototyping and testing before launch. Whether we run a one-day innovation review, two-day workshop or a three month dedicated sandbox programme, LexSolutions can offer the appropriate environment, models and team to maximise your ability to design, test and deliver real and impactful innovation for your teams.


“My only wish is that I’d met Manu earlier… What became immediately clear was how well Manu grasped, not just our business and the industry, but the overall commerciality and objectives of the task at hand. Add into the equation that he’s incredibly professional, efficient and a thoroughly nice guy.”

Founder CEO, Peg


“Manu is a smart professional who knows the digital sector well and can advise particularly on transatlantic issues. He’s friendly and accessible and we’ve enjoyed working with him. Highly recommended.”

Managing Partner, Atlantic Leap


“Manu and his team have been instrumental in our go-to-market efforts in EMEA.  Given his team’s expertise on a wide range of subject matter including privacy, labour and employment and general commercial issues, we value his partnership with our organization.  We especially appreciate his sharp business sense and ability to recommend creative solutions valued by both our legal team and our internal executive and business leaders.  Manu’s hands-on approach and attention to the client relationship is amazing.  He proactively gets to know our organization’s current business practices, priorities and identified areas of addressable risk.  We look forward to years of continued partnership.”

Lead Counsel, OpenX


“Managing a small (but senior) legal team covering EMEA, we wanted to review how we could improve our service offering to the group further, whilst also addressing legal team expectations and growth.  Manu’s in-house experience together with his personable approach helped bring to light and focus key issues which we were then able to address for a better result than we had originally expected.  My discussions with him were also a welcome learning experience for me as GC.  Strongly recommended and a pleasure to work with.”

General Counsel NEC


“We find Lexsolutions allow us in effect to seamlessly add scale and value to our small in-house team only when needed and very cost-effectively. The real advantage of LexSolutions is that for commercial legal work we can use them to deliver relevant and focused end-to-end solutions to the business, just as our in-house team would.  That is to say, they work directly with non-legal colleagues to understand our processes and embed solutions that we can operate –  instead of just providing advice or drafting that we then have to heavily customise for our operational reality. From our point of view law firms are not competing with them for this work in either offering or price.  They are an extension, not just of our legal team, but our multi-disciplinary project groups.  We look forward to a long term collaboration with them.”

General Counsel, Centaur Media


“Lex Solutions have broad commercial and legal expertise which enables them to support our business across a wide range of issues and requirements”.

Founder & CEO My Market Insight


“Manu and his team have been great to work with. Communicative, knowledgeable and extremely helpful, offering on-budget and timely legal advice, avoiding any of the usual headaches setting up and running an SME”

Founder, Scent


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