In-house legal teams

The role of the in-house legal team has changed. In-house lawyers are seen as business partners who can drive and impact strategic direction. 

It’s a role that is continually evolving. And with this comes the challenge of using the right mix of people, process and technology to be able to do “more with less” and show the value the legal team brings to the business.

We help in-house legal teams deliver impact by plugging gaps with flexible legal support.

We help optimise processes, design and deliver your innovation strategy and choose and implement technology.

We help deliver change and increase productivity.

You’ll grow a happy and productive in-house legal team with a supportive culture. The result? A respected partner that delivers outstanding value to the business. 

Read on to hear about how we deliver business, innovation and cultural impact for in-house legal teams.

What others are saying...

“Manu and his team have been great to work with. Communicative, knowledgeable and extremely helpful, offering on-budget and timely legal advice, avoiding any of the usual headaches setting up and running an SME”

Founder, Scent

“Managing a small (but senior) legal team covering EMEA, we wanted to review how we could improve our service offering to the group further, whilst also addressing legal team expectations and growth. Manu’s in-house experience together with his personable approach helped bring to light and focus key issues which we were then able to address for a better result than we had originally expected. My discussions with him were also a welcome learning experience for me as GC. Strongly recommended and a pleasure to work with.”

General Counsel NEC