Legal Team Discovery Workshop

After a number of successful pilots, we have formally launched the LexSolutions Legal Team Discovery Workshop.

We have designed our Legal Team Discovery Workshop to provide you and your legal team with a highly effective, interactive workshop which will clarify your strategy, create a roadmap for the future and equip you with a framework for successfully implementing it.

The workshop is priced at £5K plus VAT. This includes a preparatory review of your “as is” state as well as content-rich post-workshop output, including a high level roadmap and a menu of design sprints to deliver the solutions.

  • Designed to establish common purpose in your legal team and ensure all stakeholders are aligned
  • Creates innovative focus and strategic direction
  • Can be designed to focus on top priority processes like contract automation or wider legal operations
  • Can also be designed as a well-being exercise to unlock the inherent value in your legal team

The workshop is facilitated by our founder, former General Counsel and organisational coach Manu Kanwar and our Head of Innovation, legal designer and tech founder Denis Potemkin.

Manu and Denis combine design thinking, relationship system coaching and agile to deeply understand what the issues are and how they might be solved.

It’s a highly structured model that is proven to create collaboration, creativity and clarity - fast.

The Legal Team Discovery Workshop can be run as a standalone session. We also work with our clients to implement the roadmap based on agreed design sprints, creating tailored programmes which help them deliver the strategy and to design, prototype and build solutions.

If you’d like to find out more about how the workshop could be run for your in-house legal team, contact Manu Kanwar on