Finding time to innovate is a challenge for many law firms. But with the legal landscape evolving as quickly as it is, innovation is imperative if you want to keep attracting clients and talent.

Whilst larger law firms have innovation teams, smaller firms no not have that resource. But we believe there is huge value to unlock in smaller legal services firms, with lots of potential for different ways of thinking and delivering services for clients.

So as well as supporting the innovation teams of larger law firms on strategic projects, we act as an outsourced innovation function for smaller law firms.

We help embed a culture and approach that ensures you are always asking “what if" whilst never reinventing the wheel and what already works!

What others are saying...

“Lex Solutions have broad commercial and legal expertise which enables them to support our business across a wide range of issues and requirements.”

Founder & CEO My Market Insight

“Manu and his team have been great to work with. Communicative, knowledgeable and extremely helpful, offering on-budget and timely legal advice, avoiding any of the usual headaches setting up and running an SME”

Founder, Scent