In-House Counsel as a Service - Legal Teams

Access in-house legal resource as and when you need it.

As former General Counsel and Heads of Legal, we’ve managed legal teams and understand the peaks and troughs and resourcing challenges. A major business transaction, compliance challenge or strategy pivot comes in – you often need on demand support. Someone requires leave during a project leaving you short on the team. We live in a not-quite post covid world where we often need short notice back up from someone who understands the business strategy and team culture, can slot in and keep everything moving in the right direction whilst adding experienced insights.

  • Our In-house Counsel as a Service solution has been designed to provide in-house teams of all sizes with a flexible support package to give them back up when they need it most.
  • With our In-House Counsel as a Service solution, legal team clients purchase bulk hours discounted in line with volume, scaling up and down in line with changing business needs.

Every level of experience for every kind of legal team

Whether you need support on a specific project or an additional pair of hands just for a few months, we can structure a monthly package that will work.

In-House Counsel as a Service is different to interim or contract lawyering in that it is not fixed and can be changed every month. We’re just extra pair of experienced legal hands as and when you need us.

Fully adaptable, flexible pricing

We work on retainers from as little as 10 to as many as 50 hours a month.

Whatever pricing model works for your business, there is one thing that is guaranteed: an experienced lawyer who gets your business, can operate as part of your in-house team and can help with the workload.

For more information on how we work with in-house legal teams in this way, check out some of our client stories.

If you’d like to find out more about our in-house counsel service for your legal team, contact Manu Kanwar on