Daniel Heymann

Legal Transformation and Operations

In a nutshell

A shared services and process improvement expert who talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to designing processes that reduce lawyers’ workloads and increase efficiency.

Style and approach

Detail-orientated, calm, and committed to driving change in legal teams whilst having fun.

Tell me more

On his first day as a trainee at a global law firm, his supervisor told him that everything had to be Rolls Royce standard. His career is now dedicated to proving this statement wrong and building Rolls Royce quality with cheaper parts.

Qualified in law, project management, change management and Lean Six Sigma - the toolkit he uses to re-engineer processes and drive improvements. At his happiest when in a room full of people filled with whiteboards and post-it notes (Miro will also do).

Daniel has been involved in long-term transformational projects, like setting up legal shared service centres and overseeing managed legal services. However, he's just as comfortable on more strategic shorter-term projects, such as Target Operating Model assessments, pricing reviews or innovation and tech implementation.

Clients say...

Daniel and I worked closely on a complex legal change project and his experience and professionalism were critical factors in its success. As an ex-lawyer, his insights into the intricacies of the legal field were invaluable. What set him apart was his ability to integrate legal acumen with outstanding process and project management skills. He effortlessly identified and implemented innovative solutions that streamlined processes and drove efficiencies.

Daniel Heymann