Justin Turman

Legal Systems and Processes

In a nutshell

A lawyer, coder and linguist with a strong background in law, computer programming and proficiency in several human languages.

Justin automates the simple and simplifies the complex. He has an eye for systematising processes, mapping out ideal processes and building using common tools.

Style and approach

Curious, driven and strives for excellence.

Passionate about innovation, challenging the status quo, and building a better experience for everyone in legal.

Tell me more

Experienced in-house legal counsel, founder of Automate Office Work.

In-house and commercial legal ops experience, commercial legal ops.

Passionate about helping people to stop wasting time on work that doesn’t add value, Let computers do what computers do best so humans are free to go do what they love.

An American currently living in country number five; the Netherlands. Enjoys designing complex web sites, learning languages (13 done so far on Duo Ligo) and playing several musical instruments.

Justin Turman