Manu Kanwar

Founder and Director

In a nutshell

Delivers real value to in-house legal teams and businesses.

Optimises legal services and strategy through a super-commercial lens.

Drives innovation and collaboration in law.

Within in-house legal teams, between legal teams and law firm partners and when it comes to law firm panel collaboration.

Designs development and well-being programmes.

For leaders, teams and organisations – helping them maximise the overall health of their team and culture, as well as their business strategy.

Style and approach

Commercial, caring and creative.

Passionate about driving real value, greater humanity and enhanced well-being in the legal sector and beyond.

Tell me more

Experienced technology General Counsel, founder of LexSolutions and a leadership and organisational coach.

Significant private practice and in-house experience, commercial and business-focused, strong interest in personal and organisational well-being.

Passionate about helping lawyers be their best selves, helping firms intentionally design and deliver optimal cultures and humanising the legal profession generally.

Mindfulness facilitator and a (non-practising) yoga instructor with programmes relating to empathy, resilience and stress management.

Specialises in alignment, innovation and collaboration, drawing from design thinking expertise and relationship system coaching work as well as personal freedom, creativity and 'self-fulfilling success'.

Clients say...

"My only wish is that I'd met Manu a lot earlier. What became immediately clear was how well Manu grasped, not just our business and the industry, but the overall commerciality and objectives of our needs. Add into the equation that he's incredibly professional, efficient and a thoroughly nice guy, I've no doubt I'll be working with Manu for some time to come."

Nic Yeeles, Founder and CEO

Manu Kanwar