Rebecca Graham-Taylor

Legal Consultant

In a nutshell

Proactive commercial legal adviser.

Dedicated to ensuring a smooth contracting process and achieving the best client outcomes.

Wealth of experience in negotiating commercial contracts dealing with technology related goods and services.

Especially those which include IP issues such as usage rights, licensing, ownership and registrations.

Style and approach

Practical, hands on and clear as crystal, always ensuring things are set out in black and white.

Legal with a commercial mind, always taking practicalities into account.

Tell me more

Worked in various commercial teams since qualifying in 2012.

Most recently worked in-house for a green energy company where legal work has included reviewing large funding agreements relating to the creation of new climate change risk assessment technology; preparing contract summaries; drafting research and development agreements for new technology partnerships; preparation and negotiation of UK and international commercial contracts for the supply of goods and technical services relating to consumer products, marketing, IT (including cloud services), distribution and outsourcing as well as advising the business on legal policies (privacy, contract approvals, anti-bribery), GDPR and providing guidance and education for the wider team.

Clients say...

Rebecca is a great hands-on in-house lawyer and extension of our in-house legal team.

Rebecca Graham-Taylor