Workshop to solve diver­si­ty and well­ness challenges

Team Lex collaborated with the InterLaw Diversity Forum on this unique initiative to rethink approaches to D&I in the legal sector.

The team at Lex curat­ed and facil­i­tat­ed a vir­tu­al mini hackathon, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Inter­law Diver­si­ty Forum, to explore the con­tin­u­ing chal­lenge of diver­si­ty in law firms and the impact it has on per­for­mance and well­be­ing — and to spark break­through solutions.

We used a Miro board and break-out ses­sions, tak­ing the group through a series of facil­i­tat­ed exer­cis­es apply­ing the Lex approach of design think­ing and sys­tems coaching.

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